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iPhone 12 Pro Carbon Cover (Presale)

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iPhone 11 Pro Carbon Cover / Case


Facts Carbon-Cover

  • Cover made of real high-tech fibers (Carbon, Aramid, Vectran etc. )
  • 100% transmitter & receiver neutral due to special manufacturing process
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • 360° edge protection right up to the display
  • Full-Camera-Protection offers perfect protection of the camera
  • Precise CNC-manufactured cut-outs for camera, buttons, connections, etc.
  • Non-slip 3D surface with pleasant feel
  • 3 years warranty on the outer coating of the unique 3D surface
  • Ultra-light from 11g / extrem-thin from 0,4mm
  • Business-compliant design
  • 100% Made in Germany from 2R-Tec GmbH & Co. KG


Looking for a protective case for your phone?

Should the cover be light but at the same time extremely stable, unobtrusive and should it not restrict the form and functionality of the smartphone in any way?

Our precise carbon covers are extremely thin, very light and functional protective covers made of the currently best high-performance fibres such as Carbon, Aramid, Vectran.

A special combination of materials and the fiber structure allow the production of the thinnest covers from one piece - the so-called monocoque - that wraps around the smartphone like a second wafer-thin skin.

As is known from Formula 1 or weft vests etc. , these high-tech fibres absorb extremely high energy in a crash or fire despite their very thin wall thicknesses, the so-called impact behaviour. As a result, our carbon covers offer maximum protection with minimum weight.

These features enable the production of extremely thin-walled and effective protective covers, which completely preserve the design and recognition value of the smartphone.

The super-thin carbon covers have no effect on transmission and reception performance (whether WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, ApplePay or telephone). It is also possible to charge the smartphone wirelessly. We achieve this by making use of the physical properties of the high-strength high-tech fibers in our newly developed manufacturing process.

Our carbon cases are designed for the daily use of a design and quality-conscious group of buyers due to their discreet appearance and minimalist order.

The unobtrusive and comfortable carrying in the jacket or trouser pocket, the conformity in everyday business life as well as the one-handed operation and reception neutrality with good protection of the smartphone are important to us.

The three-dimensional surface structure provides a good hold and accentuates the special optics of the fibres.



Only the original carbon cover from 2R-Tec offers 360° protection for the edges, buttons and back!

Advantages of the original 2R-Tec carbon covers over others:

Real high-performance fibers -
no film, no carbon imitate, no plastic in carbon look.

100% transmit and receive neutral -
all other real carbon cases attenuate the transmitting and receiving power (up to 60%). Our cases have no effect on the transmission or reception quality due to a special manufacturing process.

360° edge protection -
Edge protection right up to the display. The cover does not push backwards in the event of a fall and can effectively protect the smartphone.

Full camera protection -
The smartphone's camera is discreet, but effectively protected when dropped or dropped.

CNC production -
Our carbon cases are CNC manufactured with high performance machines. This creates ultra-precise cut-outs for camera, buttons, sockets, etc. , so that free access to all buttons and connections is guaranteed. Nevertheless, the covers are completely closed overleaf.

3D surface -
Only our carbon cases have a special 3D surface with a very pleasant feel, which also has a non-slip effect.

Business Conformance -
Due to the extremely thin wall thickness from 0. 4mm and the discreet design, our carbon cases are also a feast for the eyes in the business sector.

recognition value -
Our carbon cases are not a thick block around your smartphone. They reflect the shape of the smartphone with a perfect fit and slim design.

Made in Germany -
The carbon cases with development, construction and production, all 100% MADE IN GERMANY


Scope of delivery

  • Carbon-Cover
  • installation manual
  • mounting aid
  • Noble gift packaging

    The smartphone and decoration material are not included.


Additional information for corporate customers

  • For corporate customers we can supply the carbon cases with your
    individual logo and gift packaging.
  • Additionally we offer for industrial customers a
    order-related production of components made of fibre composites.

Shipping within Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the EU as insured DHL Paket

- free shipping within Germany.

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